• Pricing

Payment Processing
For Dentists

Enhance your dental office for the future of payments
with specialized dental merchant services.

Healthy Payments,
Happy Patients

Discover practical tips to modernize your practice, enhance efficiency, and prioritize patient care. Improved dentist payment processing is one click away.

Dental Merchant Services to Brighten
Your Practice

  • Improve Cash Flow

    Offer multiple forms of payment,
    automate payment schedules and
    reminders for customers.

  • Enhance Office Operations

    Separate payments by dentist, location
    or procedure; speed up checkout and
    end of day close.

  • Integrate PMS Payments

    With a few clicks you can integrate
    payments with your preferred practice
    management software

Meet Patient Payment Expectations

Make it even easier for patients to pay remotely with a number of ways to collect payment.
Remove the burden of chasing down payments from your staff.

  • Secure Phone

    Take call ins and securely process payments
    with secure manual key entry.

  • Recurring, Scheduled

    Store cards on file and set custom
    patient payment schedules.

  • Remote

    Send a remote invoice payment request, plus
    reminders for end-of-month statements.

  • Online

    Take website payments securely with
    a hosted checkout button.

Get a Customized Demo

See PayJunction in action. Our dental payment processing solution saves your practice
time and money with efficient software and transparent billing.

Elevate Insights + Security

  • Multi-Location
    Batch Reports

    Divide transactions by location for clean reporting.

  • Real-Time
    Deposit Reports

    See fees in real time that affect deposit totals for easy reconciliation.

  • Reduce PCI

    Take payments with limited scope by using our cloud-based terminal.

  • User Access

    Grant user permissions as needed for accountability and reduced errors.

Procedures like Invisalign or implants are costly, so having the ability to easily set up a [recurring] payment plan and charge payments when due saves time, improves cash flow and reduces write-offs for unpaid balances.
Picture of Sabrina Harrison Sabrina Harrison Director of People + Projects at New York Family Dentistry