• Pricing

Payment Processing
for Veterinarians

Streamline payments inside, curbside and online
so you can focus on your patients

Recognized by AAHA

PayJunction is proud to be a Quartz Member of the AAHA Strategic Alliance Program. PayJunction's innovative payment solutions are tailored for veterinarians by providing award-winning service, future-proof technology, and streamlined payment processing.

Adapt to Meet Changing
Customer Interactions

Create a touchless payment ecperience, improve cash flow and boost practice productivity
with our secure, easy-to-use payment solutions.

  • Take Payments Anywhere

    Quickly and securely accept payments in-person, by email, online and over the phone.

  • Get Paid Faster

    Easily collect one-click and automated payments for appointments, add one charges and presciption programs

  • Save Time

    Speedy check-out, end-of-day close, bank reconciliation and backoffice management processes.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Leverage a number of ways to streamline processes and get clients checked out faster
with an easy-to-use payment processing provider that veterinarians love.

  • Integrate Payments
    in Minutes

    With a few clicks you can integrate payments with
    your preferred practice management software.

  • Securely Store
    Cards on File

    Save payment info to customer profiles for
    one-click charges or refunds.

  • Automate Your
    Daily Batches

    Process end-of-day close automatically
    for multiple departments or locations.

  • Email Invoice
    Payment Requests

    Send customers a request to click and pay from
    their computers, smartphones or tablets.

Go Digital and Unleash Time

Get time back in your day by using tools to make payment collection
easier for you and your clients.

  • Get Remote

    Capture digital signatures to store in the cloud and reduce front-office clutter.

  • Take Payments

    Collect deposits ahead of appointments, charge the final balance after.

  • Automate

    Set up custom payment schedules for high-cost procedures.

See Why Veterinary Practitioners Love Us

Learn how PayJunction met the needs of Animal Specialty Group, a surgery,
internal medicine, oncology, cardiology and physical rehabilitation hospital.

Picture of Steven Katz Our ability to get in and look at the reports at any point in time and to monitor them and see what kind of activity we have is really user friendly. Steven Katz Veterinary Administrator