Go Paperless and Process EMV
Payments Fast

Go Digital and Accept Everything

Ditch paper and go electronic with the PayJunction Smart Terminal. Save time and money looking for and storing paper receipts while accepting new payment types.

  • Fast EMV

    Take EMV transactions in just 3.61 seconds to speed up checkout and prevent fraud.

  • NFC and Magstripe

    Process new payment devices like smartphones and Fitbits along with traditional cards.

  • Digital Signatures

    Capture customer signatures on the terminal screen and store them in the cloud.

Be Ready for the Future of Payments

Payment security is always evolving to combat fraud. Pick a point of sale terminal that is ready to meet your needs long-term and protect your business from fraud.

  • Customer Facing
    Accept chip-and-PIN transactions and maintain customer privacy.
  • Reduce PCI Scope
    Run cards without ever storing, transmitting or processing cardholder data.
  • Card Recognition
    Prompt customers when they've improperly inserted or swiped their cards.
  • Emailed Receipts
    Let customers opt for a printed or emailed receipt for their records.
    Protect your staff and customers from exposure to harmful BPA in tradition receipts.
  • Card Storage
    Store customer cards on file upon initial payment for fast future checkout.

Get a Free Smart Terminal

Qualifying businesses can receive one Smart Terminal for free! Protect your business with secure EMV payment processing and delight your customers at checkout.