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Payment Processing Can Be Tedious for Vets

Veterinary clinics want to focus on patient care and client experience, but accepting payments is often inconvenient and unintuitive with old-school or slow terminals.

  • Paper Receipts

    Managing paper receipts can be tiresome and distracting for office staff.

  • Multiple Touchpoints

    Waiting in line to pay after the appointment is inconvenient for clients.

  • Delayed Cash Flow

    Following-up on installment and wellness plan payments is time consuming.

Go Paperless and Improve Client Experience

Learn how we eliminate paper receipt management, reduce client checkpoints and get clients checked out faster with an easy-to-use system that veterinarians love.

  • Go Paperless

    Capture digital signatures to store in the cloud and reduce front-office clutter.

  • Take Payments Upfront

    Run a card during check-in and charge the final balance after the appointment.

  • Automate Recurring

    Set payment schedules to increase your practice's cash flow and efficiency.

Elevate Your Security and Insights

We provide innovative ways to reduce your risk of fraud and gain greater visibility into your sales totals, deposits and transaction histories.

Transaction Histories

Find any receipt you need digitally with a simple search.

Deposit Reports

See all fees and eliminate reconciliation guesswork.

Sales Totals

Gain real-time, monthly, yearly or custom sales reports.

Remote Signatures

Take safer phone orders by capturing signatures.

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